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Stylish For Seniors In Phoenix

Over time, men’s hairstyles change, and what looks on a man in his 20s is not always a great match for a man in his fifties, sixties, or beyond. At Pinny’s Barber Shop, we specialize in senior haircuts that make you look refined and worldly. Whether you have a bit of salt in your peppered head of hair or are fully gray, we can give you a modern haircut that suits you.

Finding a place to cut your hair in Phoenix is easier than ever, but finding a barbershop that knows how to handle your hair with grace is a different kind of challenge. Work with our barbers, whether you’re walking in or booking an appointment, and we’ll get you right. Our barbershop is comfortable with old and new styles of haircuts, and we’re ready to make your senior cut just as fresh.


Experience the Best BaUnderstanding Senior Men's Haircutseard Shop Near You

What it means to get a senior hair cut has changed. If you’re looking for a short cut, or just to clean up the sides, we can do that. We also offer comb overs, and other hair styles to suit your changing head of hair. We can also add volume to your hair. Whether you want something classic or you want a fade that suits you, we can help you out.

Try Something Different

We specialize in senior men’s haircuts, beard trims, shaves, and much more. Our barbers can evaluate your hair type and make suggestions or provide information on styling products that will help you achieve your desired look.

To schedule your next haircut, call Pinny’s Barber Shop today at 602-331-0251.